Lost At Sea


Its that time of year where I start to look for unique gifts for people. It’s definitely a struggle as I don’t want to spend a fortune but I still want the pieces to be good quality and beautiful.

Jewellery is something I love to gift to friends and family. I think it’s a lovely gift to give and it’s definitely a personal gift to give.tumblr_nxe756sqbj1ukmz4po4_1280

So as I sit at my desk I was searching the Internet for UK based jewellery brands, I came across this beautiful website and brand ‘Lost as Sea’. I instantly fell in love with the style of the products. It was honestly love at first site.

So with the brand based in the UK they source their gemstones and charms from all over the world and they honestly show up on the compute screen just as they do in real life.

Not only can you buy beautiful jewellery but you can also customise your jewellery.

I picked up four pieces, two necklaces and two rings.

When choosing my rings I either like big chunky rings or really simple rings.

The first one I picked up is the ‘Crescent Mood Midi Ring’ in Silver. I actually find that this ring fits like a normal ring. But it feels so delicate and simple which I really like.

The other ring that I picked up is the ‘Lucky Horseshoe Ring’ in Rose Gold. This is just a really fun simple ring. It’s the type of ring I would use when I am layering up rings.

Moving onto necklaces. My favourite necklace that I ordered is the ‘Crystal Point Necklace’ in Amethyst, which is my birthstone. I am always instantly drawn to this type of necklace. It’s a very simple necklace with a bit of added colour. The silver chain also works beautifully with it.tumblr_nxe756sqbj1ukmz4po3_1280

And the final necklace I picked up is the ‘Lunar Moon and Star’, which is in a silver colour, but in different lights it can pick up this almost copper tone. Again another very simple necklace but this I feel is definitely an everyday type of necklace and will most likely go with most outfits.tumblr_nxe756sqbj1ukmz4po6_r1_1280

The jewellery came packaged in this lovely striped paper bag with a little thank you note on it. Which is nice and thoughtful and made me smile when I opened up the package. Each item comes in separate little jewellery bag ensuring that nothing gets tangled.

In conclusion I feel as though I have found my new favourite jewellery shop. So if you are looking for something new for yourself or for a gift I would definitely check this brand out.





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