5 Winter Skincare Essentials 2015


Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm

 For years now I’ve just been using a cleansing cream, but every now and then when my skin feels a bit dry and its desperate for some moisture, this is the cleansing balm I use. Once the balm is onto your hands and you start to massage it into your skin it melts down to an oil, and is incredibly hydrating. I only find that I can safely use this on my eyes and its not irritating at all on my skin.

From £38.00

Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Wash

If its been one of the days where I’ve had to have my make last all day or if its been a week where I’ve been wearing more makeup than usual, this cream wash is amazing and just revitalising my skin and making it feel clean again. It is quite harsh on the skin, but if you want that deep clean feeling this wash is perfect for that. However I would say that it’s a bit harsh so I would only use it maximum twice a week.


Ponds Hydro Nourishing Moisturiser.

Its hard to find a drugstore moisturiser that again is perfect for dry skin. The ponds skincare range however is fantastic, and this moisturiser in particular my skin loves, it is rather thick and I would only use this moisturiser in the evening. I love to massage in a thick layer of this cream all over my face and neck, and if I have any dry patches on my face they are hardly there the next day thanks to this amazing moisturiser.


Blistex Relief Cream

I first came across this lip cream a few years again, in the winter my lips can become so dry and sore and this is the only cream that can make them feel normal again. Again similar to the Ponds Hydronourishing moisturiser my lips love this, and I layer on a thick amount of this cream at night before I go to bed (about 20minutes before) and allow it to sink in itself. My lips love it and I’ve never suffered from sore dry chapped lips again since finding out about this gem.


Soap & Glory Hands Food

I think a lot of people forget about their hands when doing their skincare routine, yet hands are the first part of ageing that is noticed on someone. There are only a few hand creams that I’ve tried and loved, and this one has to be somewhere at the top. Not only does it smell amazing (classic soap & glory scent) but it sinks in quickly and doesn’t leave a funny residue on the hands. Its my very last step in my night time routine. And when I awake in the morning my hands a lovely and soft!!



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