Bobbi Brown Moisture Rich Foundation


When looking for a new foundation in a department store, it’s hard to work your way around the different brands looking at different products.

Bobbi Brown in my opinion is a safe and good place to start.

Whilst I have tried many Bobbi Brown products over the years, I had never tried any of their foundations till now.

As soon as I arrived at the counter the Bobbi Brown sales assistants made me feel straight at ease. Asking me what type of foundation I wanted. I knew that I wanted a dewy foundation on the simple decision that if I wanted to I could make it matte with a powder.

The sales assistant knew pretty quickly through looking at my skin what colour I would be. I am the colour 0 Porcelain.

The Moisture Rich Foundation is a buildable foundation from a low to medium coverage to a high coverage. It blends beautifully; some foundations are quite hard work to blend into the skin this one isn’t. The fact that it’s a moisturising foundation is a bonus in this now cold weather, and with the low but spf 15 I can still protect my skin from the sun.


I tested this foundation out over a couple of days and this foundation didn’t budge one bit, even in the rain nothing. It didn’t start to flake away, or crumble, it doesn’t make my skin look cakey, or cling to any spots. My skin feels light and if I hadn’t applied the foundation myself I wouldn’t know that I was wearing it.

You get 30ml which is a standard size for any foundation, and whilst it is more expensive than buying from the drugstore at £31.50. It is worth it 100%.

Bobbi Brown 
Moisture Rich Foundation 
Available at John Lewis, Debenhams, Bobbi Brown Counters


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