Botanics Organic Facial Oil


With the colder weather setting in, it is definitely time for all of us to up the anti on our skincare. And honestly one of the best ways to do this, is to add a face oil to our skincare routine.

 If you are sitting there worried thinking that because you have oily skin you cant use a face oil you are wrong.

 Facial oil products have fatty acids in them, which help our skin stay hydrated. Your body cannot produce these oils by its self. Oils also help our skin protect itself from extreme temperatures and dry climates.

 Our skin naturally pumps out sebum this is what clogs our pores and causes breakouts. This tends to be because our natural skin oils are out of balance, which is why we need a little bit of help.

By using a good quality face oil what ever the price is. (if it works for you that’s all that matters.)

 A face oil that I have been trying out is the ‘Botanics Facial Oil’, this product is 100% organic with nourishing Rosehip. I use this product every evening after I have applied my serum. The best part about this product is it comes in a droplet, making it easier not to take too much. I tend to take two drops and warm the product up the palms of my hands before massaging this onto my face and neck.

 My skin absolutely loves this product, it drinks it straight up, and I do find that its quite a heavy product which is why I like to only use it at night.

 With the help of the Rosehip my skin is in fantastic condition. Rosehip is a natural source of vitamin e, omega 3, vitamin c and so many more. So this product within my facial oil really helps to moisturise and nourish my skin, as well as protecting my skin from the colder weather, it also helps brighten my complexion and give me a nice healthy glow.

Botanics Organic Facial Oil 
Available at Boots


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  1. […] Botanics Organic Facial Oil. Another favourite of mine from Boots, this is such an affordable brand but really high quality products. This oil is hydrating, its helped reduce scarring from blemishes, it hydrates my skin beautifully too. (This is currently only sold in store). I have done a blog post too about it here. […]


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