Formula Radiant Cleanse Facial Cleansing Brush


I have been wanting to try an electronic facial cleansing brush for about year now, however I just don’t have the budget to buy the Clarisonic.

And whilst I’ve tried the normal face brushes and liked them, I still wanted something that was able to cleanse my skin deeper.

I had been doing some research online and came across this Marks & Spencer’s ‘Formula Radiant Cleanse Facial Cleansing Brush’ One, it had good reviews and it was under £30, so in my mind if it was awful, and I didn’t like it, I hadn’t wasted £100.

The Facial Cleansing Brush comes in at £22.50, and comes with one brush head and two AA batteries. They state:

“This must have skin care device is the perfect way to boost your daily cleansing regime. Designed for use with your preferred Formula rinse off cleanser, the cleansing brush rotates on the skin delivering a gentle polishing and deep cleansing effect.”


There are two settings on the brush, a low speed and a high speed.

The first time I used this brush, my skin felt incredible, deeply cleansed but not dry at all, and my skin just felt clean and fresh. It honestly made me realize how much I needed this in my skincare routine. I found that I use the low speed setting on my cheeks and forehead and then the higher speed setting on my chin and nose area, as this is where my pores tend to be.

My Steps To Using This:

1)    I like to use a cleanser and lightly massage it into my skin.
2)    I start by wetting lightly the brush and start on the slow setting on my cheeks and forehead, going in circular motions, not doing more than 20 seconds on each area.
3)    I then move onto the high speed area, and focus this around my nose and chin, again using circular movements but I tend to continue this for no more than 30 seconds on each area.
4)    If I have been wearing a lot of makeup that day I tend to lightly rinse the brush and then repeat on the slow setting for 10 seconds in each area, and then my face feels completely clean.
5)    I then turn off the cleansing brush and use a damp muslin cloth to remove any traces of the cleanser left on my face and follow up with my usual skincare routine.
6)    I would do this no more than twice a week, as I feel my skin could become dry.


I would say that one brush head would last me maximum two months, but you can buy a packet of two brush heads for £6, which is amazing!!

If you are looking for a cleansing brush, but don’t have the budget for an expensive one, try this one! I promise you will not be disappointed.
Because who doesn’t want to have deeply cleansed healthy looking skin!

Formula Radiant Cleanse Facial Cleansing Brush
Available at Marks and Spencer’s


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