High Street Serums


Finding good quality skincare on the high street that works is hard, it’s also hard to find a skincare item that works for your skin type as well.

But after a lot of research and a lot of testing I have found two serums that are really excellent and super super affordable.

No7 Beautiful Skin Pore Minimising Serum:

This serum is really moisturising, and its one that I’ve been using every day, twice a day, for about 4 months. This serum has helped my skin look healthy, and vibrant. Every now and then I have had some breakouts, and this instantly helps reduce the spots. It also really helps to even out my skin tone, if you suffer from redness, this is your serum. My skin has never looked so healthy.

Available at Boots £16.00

Superdrug Simply Pure Hydrating Serum:

When my skin is feeling dry this is the serum I reach for, it’s very hydrating. It states that its suitable for sensitive skin, but honestly I feel as though all skin types could wear this. Like I said if my skin is feeling a bit lifeless, and needs some instant hydration, this is the serum to go to. I do find that it doesn’t really even out my skin tone, or help break outs, but like I said, if your skin is just needing a hit of hydration this is the one to use.

 Available at Superdrug £2.69

When I apply my serums I like to apply my eye cream first, and then take 1 pump, and warm it up in my hands then massage it into my skin and down my neck sweeping up. Then I like to take a moisturiser on top after allowing the serum to sink in for about 5 minutes.


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