La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water


Now if I’m honest this is more of an add on luxury product its not particularly necessary for a daily skincare product.


This spray is perfect if you are someone who has intolerant skin, irritated skin, redness, allergies, if its hot outside and you need refreshing. This is what you need.

But again if I’m honest, I accidentally picked this product up instead of another one I wanted.


I do love this product, especially recently my skin has been slightly irritated from trying out new products, and with the weather in the UK dramatically getting colder, my skin has needed a little bit of something special just to pick it up.
I also love to use this if I have a spot, as it instantly hydrates that area, and calms it down.

This spray is rich in anti-oxidant selenium, its soothing and softening, and great if your skin is feeling irritated.

This spray is fantastic to use after you have washed your skin, its great for calming down any redness, without having to touch your face which if you suffer from hormonal skin, that is a bonus!

This product is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin.

So if you are looking for something extra to add to your skin routine, why not give this a go.

La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water 150ml


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