Seventeen Gel Nail Polish


When picking a nail polishes that are slightly Christmassy and festive, I normally check out the Seventeen Gel Colour Polishes, these are only available from Boots but they have a great colour selection, the colour that I have picked out as a great festive nail look is Hot Toddy, in some lights the colour looks more bronze and sometimes more gold.

 The colour is easily applied,  without any streaks. Some gold shade nail polishes can apply patchy, which this doest at all.

 I find two layers of this nail polish gives a great colour pay off, and it lasts a really long time on the nails, I do however like to finish my nails off with a top coat.

 After 5 days wearing this nail polish my nail polish is still not chipped.

 And even better when you come to remove this nail polish it doesn’t take forever like other glitter nail polishes! Bonus!!


 Seventeen Gel Colour Nail Polishes
Available at Boots 


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