The Body Shop Luxury Facial Flannel


When it comes to the end of the day when I remove my makeup, its always lovely. Don’t get me wrong I love wearing makeup, but I also love my current skincare routine, and how fresh it makes my skin feel.

It can be difficult to know what to remove your makeup with, Cotton pads? A standard flannel ? A muslin cloth ? Cotton Pads?? The list could go on and on.

I originally brought this product by accident, thinking I was purchasing a different form of a muslin cloth, and to some ways I was. This isn’t a normal flannel, its a rubber version.

When using this, and I do so every day that I wear makeup to remove the makeup, I like to massage my skin with a cleanser, I have found that it doesn’t matter whether the cleanser is cream, oil, or gel, it works with everything. So I massage my face and neck with the cleanser, I then dampen the Luxury Facial Flannel and squeeze out the excess water and gently swipe it over my face to remove my makeup.

This flannel is so gentle, it doesn’t tug on my skin, or drag on my skin. I would say that if I was wearing waterproof eye makeup, I would remove that first with a waterproof eye makeup remover, and then go in with my cleanser all over the face. I am now on my fourth flannel, and I find these last up to a month, before I feel that I need to repurchase. I tend to wash mine in the washing machine along with a normal load of washing. The makeup doesn’t land on any clothing either.

The Body Shop State:
Use every morning or evening with a facial wash or cleanser to effectively cleanse the skin.
This super-soft flannel is the perfect partner for facial washes.
– Enhances cleansing
– Gentle on the skin

And I would agree, this flannel is gentle, but effective.

The Body Shop Luxury Facial Flannel 
Available at The Body Shop 


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