The Danish Girl


I wont sit here and tell you all of the spoilers of this movie, but I will sit down and write and share my opinions.

Let me start by saying that last year towards the end of the year, a school friend sadly passed away, she too was transgender, and sadly never made it to having a full body change in surgery. So whilst I wasn’t particularly close to this school friend, my year was incredibly small so I felt the pain, and went to her funeral.

Since then I have been fascinated about finding out about the lives of transgender people. I wanted to understand it, to somehow find closure on it. I am yet to, and to this day, I am still quite effected by it.

So after watching many documentaries and with me waiting for The Danish Girl to come out in the cinema, once it did, I instantly wanted to see it.

I wanted to understand how our society has changed over the years based on this subject, from the mid twenties to present.

This film is incredible, it is quite long at two hours, but I’m not sure how you would be able to cut it down.

I knew walking into the film that Eddie Redmayne would be exceptional, because of the past films that I’ve seen him in, he dedicates himself to the role and creates a believable character that you could imagine being real. The way Redmayne portrays Einar and Lili is beautiful and realistic.

But the other actor that I feel is definitely worth mentioning is Alicia Vikander, who plays Gerda, Einar’s wife. I can imagine the struggle it would be to have your loved one not feel whole. But Gerda is kind and unbelievably caring. I am not sure how to put into words how Vikander acts in this film, I guess you can sit there and look at it and think that how I would react if I was in her position, that’s how I would want to react.

If you know someone who is transgender, or you are, or you just have an interest in what people go through. Then please go and watch this film let it fill you up, and tear you down, live the magic that these actors portray. And maybe just maybe like me, you’ll walk away knowing a bit more, and maybe the world will become more excepting of humans.

The Danish Girl
10 Star Rating


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