The Sky Garden

When arriving at The Sky Garden, you almost forget that the building you are walking into is in fact The Walkie Talkie, which is brilliant.


Once the lift opens out onto the 38th floor you walk into this bright, light airy, open space. It’s like a haven in London.


The Sky Garden is filled with plants, tree ferns, fig trees, African flowers, a lot of the plants are green, but every now and then there is a pop of colour.

The reason why I feel that The Sky Garden feels so open, is because of the design, the walls, and ceiling appear to be made out of glass, and some of the glass is tinted blue. It really does feel as though your flying high up in the sky.


One thing that I could imagine happing is having parrots flying around the sky garden, their colours would make the place pop a little bit more. But even without the parrots, you can see instantly how open and amazing this place is.


I found that The Sky Garden is a very chic and modern place, which blends beautifully in with the London lifestyle. The views are incredible across the city, and even on a rainy day, it is still spectacular.

The Sky Garden is free to visit too, but you do have to book in advance.

So if you are looking for something a little bit different to do in London, definitely head straight to The Sky Garden.


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