Barry M Sunset Nail Paint


These nail polishes have been out for a while, but I feel recently the formula of the polishes has got better. In the past the nail polishes have seemed quite watery, where as in the recent months i’ve noticed the formula has got a bit thicker which does work better.

These nail polishes give you that ‘gel’ nail look without having to go to a salon and have actual gel nail polish put on. The only thing is that you have to use the specific ‘Daylight Curing Top Coat’ with it.

With the nail polishes being quite thick in formula, you only need to lightly load up the brush and apply two thin coats, letting each coat dry in between. The pigmentation in these nail polishes is amazing, and even if you think your nail polish isn’t completely even. Once you’ve allowed the second coat to dry and you apply the top coat you can see how much the top coat helps to even out the polish completely.

I tend to leave the first coat to dry for about 5 minutes, then leave the second coat of polish to dry for about 8 minutes, then I use the top coat and leave this to dry for about 12 minutes, this I find just ensures that my nail polish is going to dry completely!

The other advantage is that no base coat is needed. (I also find that by not using a base coat my nail polish with this range lasts a lot longer.)

So even though this is a gel like polish, it can still be easily removed at home just using a nail polish remover, (I feel that nail polish removers with acetone help to remove the nail polish even quicker.)

With 14 shades to choose from, there is a colour out there for everyone, my favourite colours have to be; Dark Side Of The Shroom (A beautiful nude purple grey tone polish) and Empire State Of Mint (A vibrant mint colour perfect for summer). These are my go to polishes at the moment.

I should also mentioned that these polishes when worn without a base coat last up to 5 days on my nails, without chipping!!

Barry M Sunset Nail Paint £4.99
Barry M Sunset Nail Paint Top Coat £4.99
Available at Boots & Superdrug 


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