Bourjois City Radiance Foundation

Finding a foundation that has a high SPF  can be trick, and whilst it can cause flash back in photos, I think personally I am more concerned about protecting my skin.

So whilst I was browsing the makeup isles in Boots, as you do. I stumbled across the Bourjois City Radiance Foundation.


On first impressions it looked amazing;
– Anti Pollution Screen
– SPF 30
– Radiance Boosting Pigments

To me that sounded amazing, and it looked as though it would end up being my go to foundation in the summer.

So once I got home I decided to do a bit more research on this foundation and it sounded amazing, so of course I was super happy that I picked it up.

This foundation is perfect if you want to brighten up you dull complexion. In the winter my skin can become dull, so this is perfect for that transition between spring and summer.

If you live in a city or even a town, your skin picks up particales within the air, this foundation helps to prevent that. So techniqually that means a potentially cleaner face.

With the high spf of 30, this helps to protect your skin from UVA & UVB, which if you look at any sunglasses that’s what you want to protect your eyes from, so protecting your skin from it has to be a good thing.

But a little bit more information here could be needed. What does UVA & UVB actually mean, in the simplest terms?

UVA: This is what is associated with skin ageing. The UVA affects the elastin in the skin which leads to wrinkles. 

UVB: This is what is most responsible for sunburn. And has links to melanoma and different types of skin cancer.

So by using a high SPF (personally I would say anything from SPF 30 and up is high, means you are protecting your skin from burning and from wrinkles.

So this foundation already offers a lot, if you are quite pale and prone to burning then this could be your essential foundation.

This foundation also has;
– 24hr hydration.
– Light – Medium coverage (very buildable)
– Covers redness
– Easily blends into the skin
– Doesn’t look cakey
– Very dewy and glowy
– Weightless

If you want to see this product on my skin and how it wears throughout the day, then check out my First Impressions using this product:

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation
Available at Boots & Superdrug


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