China Life


Sometimes it’s amazing when you find a gem of a place. A place that you end up spending over three hours in. Well I’ve found it, and if you happen to be a lover of tea, you are going to love this post!

Set 5 minutes away from Camden Tube Station is a café, China Life.


This café isn’t your usual ‘tea’ café. China Life uses Chinese herbs in their teas, these teas a perfect if you love tea.


China Life offers herbal tea, tonics and skincare products, which are effective and natural.  There are many health benefits to tea, whether the tea is for specific benefits, or you just fancy a really lovely cup of tea, there is something for you. The health benefits of tea can include: Anti cancer, immunity, digestion, healthy skin, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial.


Tea is currently the second most consumed drink in the world, after water. It’s estimated that three billion cups of tea are consumed per day.

I can honestly say that I probably drink about six to eight cups of tea a day. Which now thinking about it, is a lot, but hey it tastes good!

But I can say that I am not that great when using loose-leaf tea.

Loose leaf tea has been enjoyed for centuries however, I think we all assume that we buy tea from a super market, and yes you can buy some loose leaf tea there, but not much. Sometimes we forget that we can go to a unique place like China Life, and purchase tea there.

One tea, which I am yet to try are their blossoming teas. These are green tea balls that open up in your glass to create a flower. They look amazing. However there are so many tea’s to try at China Life, there are over fifty teas to choose from! So I may be at China Life for a while…

So in my three hours of sitting in China Life with my friend, I tried three teas. And I can honestly say minus one of them, I loved them! My favourite one however, has to be part of their ‘Tea Mixology’ range. Personally I went for the Fruity one, when choosing these tea’s, you can choose to have the teas, hot or cold. So this is probably, my favourite tea.

Tea Mixology – Fruity = Peach Fuzz:
A medium roasted and fruity peach flower Oolong, supercharged with fresh citrus juices.  This is really fresh tea, with all the flavours running through it. I had it iced, which was the perfect way to have it. You could easily sip this, on a hot day and instantly feel refreshed. It almost felt like a guilty pleasure, but there is nothing guilty here. This tea is healthy and delicious.

I did purchase some loose leaf tea at China Life – Royal Peach Orchid. I chose this tea because it was very similar type of tea to Peach Fuzz, which I did love. When making this tea, I use a tea strainer, and brew / infuse my tea leaves in hot water for about 3 minutes, this allowed to water gain so much flavour. I then poured this hot tea into a different glass, and added some ice cubes and some slices of lemon and orange, to it. This created a beautiful tea, fresh and so delicious. So much that I ended up re-brewing the tea three more times, and each time it was just as delicious.

 Because this tea is an Oolong tea, it helps lower cholesterol, aids weight loss and helps digestion. It also has tones of antioxidants in it.

If I’m honest I didn’t buy this tea for half of the benefits, I brought it, because it tastes delicious.

Of course thats what tea should be about, you are meant to enjoy drinking it, and I did!


Anti Ageing Cleansing = Sweet Cheeks:
This tea is fresh, with a hint of sweetness. It’s a comforting drink to have. This tea is a blend of white peony, with rose buds, lemongrass and sweet red dates. The brilliant thing about this tea is, that you can get free refills, which is amazing.

This was a really nice refreshing tea that I really felt suited myself. A tea that I will definitely get again.


Matcha Strawberry & Lime Shot:

This was the tea, that I disliked. It is insanely strong and harsh tasting. Whilst it is slightly sweetened with the strawberry and lime, that’s what you first taste when you sip it, then when you swallow the tea you can taste that matcha, which is earthy and strong.

It isn’t my type of tea, but if you are someone who loves that type of tea, then by all means try this you may love it. My friend did.

Matcha is a super finely ground green tea. Because of the small particle size, the tea suspends in water and produces a smooth texture.

If you are someone who likes the taste or who can stand that taste, there are some amazing benefits to Matcha Green Tea; High in antioxidants, boosts memory and concentration, increases energy levels, detoxifies the body, improves cholesterol. 


However I think I’m going to stick to my Tetley’s DeCaf Green Tea, that I drink every morning, for my green tea fix.

If I somehow haven’t managed to convince you to try out this amazing place, then maybe your love for tea isn’t that strong!! But if you are a big lover of tea, you need to go here!

Let me know if you go, id love to hear from you all.

China Life Tea


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