Freedom Pro Correct Palette

I have noticed recently that colour correcting has come back into fashion. Although if you have been a fan of makeup and applying it to either yourself or a client, you will know that it actually never went away.

The best thing about colour correcting coming back into ‘fashion’, is that the high street such as Boots & Superdrug are now stocking colour correcting palettes.


So why do some people colour correct? I will now attempt to break it down into the simplest way possible.

If you suffer with redness or spots then the colour to use is Green.
This helps counteract the redness in the skin, making it balanced. I like to use this on top of my primer before using a foundation. Once my foundation is one then I like to go over with a normal concealer.

But if you have dark circles around your eyes, you would use a peach colour corrector. This helps to disguise those dark circles and help brighten them up. If you are looking to just add some brightness to your under eye area then lightly pat on some purple colour corrector.


So now that the high street are bringing out more of a range in colour correcting it has become a lot easier to get hold of.

 I have to admit that most days I do end up colour correcting.

Colour Correctors from Boots & Superdrug

 Freedom Conceal Kit £5.00 = Light :

Freedom Conceal Kit £5.00 = Dark :


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