Get The Glow


In summer we all want a makeup look, that’s going to last all day, but give us that beautiful, natural healthy glow. So here I share with you, my three favourite products!! Those really do stand out in the glow segment.


Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation:

This foundation is a light to medium coverage, because of the speckles of glow within it, of course the more you build it up, the higher the glow is going to be. However depending on how you apply it, depends I find on the coverage you get.

For example, if you use a stippling brush, you will get a low coverage look. But if you use a beauty blender or a kabuki brush, you really get quite a high coverage. I find personally that 1 1 / 2 pumps, gives the right amount of coverage needed.

This foundation, instantly gives a light, radiant, healthy glow, but it also helps to cover any pores, making your skin look even, and poreless. The other reason I love this foundation is because of its glow already in it, if you haven’t slept that well the night before, wear this foundation and you’ll look amazing and totally awake. You also get some SPF in this foundation, an SPF 15, which isn’t massively high I know, but hey I live in England, it rarely gets that hot!!

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
Available at Boots & Superdrug

L’Oreal Cushion De Soleil Glam Bronze:

Finding a bronzer that looks natural can be tricky, but this bronzer you can slowly build up, but it gives that healthy “i’ve been on holiday” glow!! I also love the fact that it is a creamy product, meaning that in the heat, its going to last a lot longer!!

This bronzer is new to the high street, it has a cushion formula, which has been drenched in a lightweight tanning formula and water – don’t worry it comes off like a normal bronzer, it wont actually tan you.

The best way I find to use this product is with a stippling brush, as you can really buff the bronzer into the skin, in circular motions. It leaves such a fresh dewy glow to the skin, without looking at all cakey and unnatural.

L’Oreal Cushion De Soleil Glam Bronze
Available at Boots & Superdrug

Soap & Glory Love At First Blush:

This blusher is simply dreamy, it is a powder form, but its such a versatile product, if you wanted to, you could use this on your eyes as well as an eye shadow.

Because of the range of colours that you get in the pan, shades from a highlight, to a soft bronze, to very pink, to a lighter pink, you mix it all together, to create this beautiful rosy blush of colour.

If you loved the highlighter you could just take a small fan brush and use that just on the tops of your cheek bones.

I find that this blusher works really nicely, alone or on top of the L’Oreal Cushion De Soleil bronzer. The blusher is incredibly pigmented (so only take a small amount), and really buttery in texture. Due to the metallic shimmering pearls in this blusher, it just radiates a beautiful healthy glow on the skin.

Soap & Glory Love At First Blush
Available only at Boots™-Love-at-First-Blush™-Multi-Shade-Blushing-Powder-7-5g_1450627/


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