Makeup Academy Pro Base Prime & Conceal Powder


I’ve seen a lot of hype over powders like this, and I wasn’t entirely sure that they did much at all if i’m honest.

So I thought that I would try out this one, I’ve used a lot of Makeup Academy Cosmetics products in the past, and most of them I love, so I felt like trying this powder out by this brand was a good move, and bonus, not too expensive either.

This powder is a baked powder, perfect to even out your skin tone and to illuminate your skin.

It sounds great, right??

This powder is extreamly light weight in texture, and blends onto your skin beautifully. Its incredibly light weight on the skin and my skin does look more even when using it.

I do suffer with a bit of redness and some spots, under my eyes I have some discolouration but not really bad under eye dark circles.


Makeup Academy Cosmetics state: “Wear alone or over your makeup to instantly brighten!”

I don’t find that this powder does much if I just wear it alone, but over the top of makeup, it works brilliantly, and gives me that nice extra glow. But it does also help to set my foundation into place, making my entire makeup last a lot longer throughout the day as well as making my skin look more even in colour!

Makeup Academy Cosmetics Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Powder £4.00
Availble from Superdrug or The Makeup Academy Website


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