My Favourite Cream Blushers

In the summer whether you are heading to the beach, the pool or out or day, you don’t want your makeup to sweat off throughout the day.

So by using a cream blush, its going to stay put all day, no matter what the weather is.

I have picked out my three current favourite cream blushers, there is a blusher here to suit every skin tone and colour.


Natural Collection Cream Blush:

With four colours to choose from, this cream blush creates a subtle flush of colour to the cheeks.
But you can of course see that you are wearing a blush, but it looks incredibly natural.

My favourite way to apply this blusher is using a small stippling brush, you can there for really buff the blusher into the skin in circular motions. I find however its easier to put the product on the back of your hand and apply it from there, otherwise you can end up applying to much. These blushers are very buildable, but just make sure you allow 30seconds, in between each application to make sure it doesn’t cake up.

Natural Collection Cream Blusher
Available at Boots

Collection Speedy Blush Stick:

The next cream blusher comes in a stick form, and is again super pigmented.

This blusher also adds a bit of a glow to your face which I love. But don’t worry its not glittery. This blusher is a very warm toned blusher.

I find the best way to apply this blusher, is by using the product straight onto your cheeks, again start with a small amount and slowly build it up if you wish. By applying a small amount, you can work this blusher into the skin, using your fingers in a circular motion. Because your finger tips are warm they help to move the blusher and blend it into the skin perfectly.

In this range there are three blush colours to pick from, ranging from a natural blush to a deep blush.

Collection Speedy Blush Sticks
Available at Boots & Superdrug—Cheeky/p/426100


Sleek Crème To Powder Blush:

Now if your looking for a blusher that has a powder finish, but the effect of a cream blush, then this one is for you.
This is one of my most used cream blushers that I reach for. This blusher creates an intense (very pigmented, but buildable, so only a small amount is needed), colour with a dewy and satin finish.

Sleek Crème To Powder blushers are suitable for all skin types, and is incredibly long wearing like all cream blushers. It doesn’t cake at all on the skin, which when building up a pigmented product can happen, but not with this blusher (or the other two cream blushers either).

Again the best way I find to apply this blusher is using a stippling brush, personally I like the smaller ones as you can really control where you are placing the product.

There are six colours too chose from, again ranging from nudes, to pinks, to brows, to purple undertones.

Sleek Crème To Powder Blush
Available at Boots & Superdrug



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