Natural Collection Highlighter Stick, Brow Kit & Brow Pencil


When I heard that Natural Collection were bringing out new products, to say I got excited, is an understatement.

Natural Collection is a Boots own brand, where all the products are £1.99. The quality of these products is amazing too!

Brow Kit:

This brow kit comes with a lightweight pigmented brow wax and a powder.

Powders I find are amazing to use to give your brows some volume, it also helps to make brows look less patchy. The brow wax, is perfect to go in after you have used the powder, this really helps to define the brows, and add structure to them.

I will say that both the wax and the powder are extremely pigmented, so only a small amount is needed, and only use a light hand when applying.

I love the fact that this brow kit comes with a pigmented wax, making sure that your brows are going to stay in place all day. 

Brow Pencil:

There is sadly one downside to this brow pencil, and that is the colour range, there are only two colours to choose from: Medium Brown & Dark Brown.

As I said above, this brow pencil is perfect for filling in any gaps as well as adding shape to the brows (a little bit of definition). This is something I find that can be done a lot quicker with a pencil.

This brow pencil has the pencil on one end, and a spoole on the other. The benefits of having a spoole on one end is that if you find that you have applied a little bit too much, you can brush it out. Also I like to use the spoole first before I even start on my brows, brushing the brows up, this helps to show me what I need to work on.

You can also use the spoole at the end just to brush the brows into place, and complete your entire brow look, before setting it in place. Because this brow pencil is really pigmented, just use a light hand when applying, you can always add more product, but its harder to remove excess product.


Highlighter Stick:

This product I feel has launched just at the right time, summer. Because this highlighter is in a stick form, it is easy to apply then blend out with your fingers. Everyone is searching, looking and wanting that beautiful healthy glow in the summer. So now with this highlighting stick you can create a subtle shimmer. The stick comes in three shades: Rose Glow, Coral Glow & Copper Glow.

I think for more pale skin tones the Rose Glow & Coral Glow is perfect, and if you have more olive skin tone or darker skin tone the Copper Glow is going to look beautiful, you could of course also add a touch of Rose Glow as well.

The highlighting stick is again really pigmented (Natural Collection have really upped their game!), so I would suggest to apply lightly, and then build it up slowly.

These sticks are simply beautiful, you could even get away with using the Coral Glow, as a blush too, but again go really light on this, as it is so pigmented.

I am so happy that Natural Collection has brought out new products into their range. The brand is really underrated, and needs to be talked about more, because their products are simply amazing!!


Natural Collection, is only available at Boots

Natural Collection Brow Kit £1.99

Natural Collection Brow Pencil £1.99

Natural Collection Highlighting Stick £1.99


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