Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipsticks

 Walking through the drugstore, it’s hard to find a lipstick that’s worth the money, that’s going to last on your lips, and a lipstick that isn’t going to dry out your lips.


I first picked up this lipstick, just to see what it was all about, and I am so glad I did. With 18 colours to choose from, there is a colour out there for everyone. Ranging from Nudes to reds, to browns to pinks.

These lipsticks glide onto the lips beautifully, and they last so well.

I find the best way to wear and apply this lipstick, is to apply one layer and blot with a tissue, then apply a second layer. This ensures that the lipstick is going to last a long day.

Even when this lipstick starts to wear off, it wears off naturally, no clumping, no crumbling, it is incredibly comfortable to wear all day.


I find however if you buy the Natural Collection Lip Lines Pencil, which is available in 6 colours. If you apply the lip lines all over the lip and defining the lips by outlining them, the lipstick will last even longer.

I’ve worn this lipstick out to dinner in the past, and its still been on my lips, after I’ve eaten and when I’ve got home.

So instead of forking out for a lipstick that may or may not last on your lips. This will, and even if it doesn’t suit your lips. (every one who I’ve got to try this lipstick has fallen in love with it). You haven’t wasted much money at all.

Only Available at Boots
Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick £1.99
Natural Collection Lip Lines Pencil £1.99


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