Sally Hansen Maximum Growth


Around this time of year, my nails always become so weak. It’s a complete nightmare. I drink and consume enough calcium, I take also multi vitamins. But it doesn’t matter what I eat or drink, my nails always become weak, the chip, its just horrible.

So how do I help my nails you might ask?

Well the first thing I do is; Cut them with nail scissors quite short. What I don’t want to happen is for the nails to break and then for the nail to be rough and drag across. If this happens I find that my nails end up even shorter than if I just cut them.

The second thing I do is; take a base coat. This particular one is from Sally Hansen and it is their Maximum Growth. I use this as my base coat. And whilst yes I have cut my nails short, this will help them grow back stronger.

Then the third thing I do is; Choose a nail polish that I know will last a long time on my nails. I love wearing nail polish, and I hate not wearing nail polish. So I always pick a colour or brand that I know will last well on the nails. If I’m honest its normally a glittery polish because they just seem to last forever!!

So why do I choose to use this product over any other strengthening base coat you may ask? 

This polish helps nail growth, but it also helps the condition of your nails. If you suffer with nails that are weak, thin and bitten this will help give them strength and support, it also helps keep nails soft.

By using this product as a base coat it creates a strong foundation for your desired coloured polish, but it can also be worn alone.

So if your nails are feeling a bit weak, and they keep snapping and breaking, and if you’ve never tried any products out from the Sally Hansen range, I would start of with this one. Because surely everyone wants strong nails right?

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth £4.89
Available at Boots & Superdrug


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