Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner Nail Polish


I’m sure that any person who is addicted to nail polish, fashion and Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s, will be purchasing these nail polishes.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is my guilty pleasure. So when browsing through Superdrug and I saw this, I didn’t even think twice, I picked a colour and brought it.

Kylie Jenner has created 4 limited edition shades with Sinful Colours, which are exclusive to Superdrug. The colours range for jewel tones to decadent neutrals with precious metals. All of the colours where beautiful but I picked a colour that I would generally wear, which was – Slay Grey.


All of the colours including the top coat is £3!

Not only did I pick up the nail colour I also picked up the top coat, which is designed for the nail polish.

These products apply beautifully, the brush is quite thin, but this makes it easier to not go too wrong and also not paint over your nail onto your skin.

Step 1:
This polish I find does need two coats, that’s if you want more of an impact on the nail, if you just want a wash of colour one coat would work! It does dry quite tacky, I left the first layer to dry for 6minutes, and then I went over with the second coat, and left my nails to try for 12 minutes. But it still felt quite tacky when it was dry.

Step 2:
The top coat, it honestly feels like a classic top coat, it does say that you can apply two coats, but because of the texture of the nail polish I decided to try just one coat, this is just a clear top coat, it leaves the nail polish looking very gel like., and when its dry it ends up feeling very smooth and no longer tacky.


It feels great on my nails, my nails look gorgeous and really smooth and healthy.

Day two and still no chips, my nails do chip quite easily, I do use my hands quite roughly during the day (I couldn’t be a fake nail kinda girl). I’ve been to the gym, and so far no chips as of yet!! Yayayay!!

Day 3:
Its chipped!! Boo!! (only on my little finger but I can see it starting to come away on other nails) – I can’t handle having chipped nail varnish!! Anyone else?

So in conclusions, this is a beautiful formula to apply, but I think it’s a nail polish that I will whip out if I am going to an event, and I want something with a little bit of sparkle but not too intense. This is the perfect nail polish for a weekend, but not for everyday use.
So off it comes, and onto a new and different brand!

Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner – King Kylie Collection
Available at Superdrug


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