Soap & Glory Hocus Focus Illuminator

Now if you didn’t already know, and you don’t watch my YouTube videos (which you totally should) then you wouldn’t know of how much of an addict of Soap & Glory I am. From their skincare, to body care, to makeup, I love it all!!

So recently my local Boots finally put in a Soap & Glory counter, which if you can imagine, made me excited, so of course I went a tad crazy.


I had seen this illuminator before, but just didn’t have the want to try it until now. With the change in seasons and the sun not really out at the moment, my skin has started to look a bit dull – Hurry up summer!!

So I thought Id try this product out.

According to Soap & Glory “A Blast of brilliance for tired skin. An instant softening illuminating lotion with long-wearing light scramble luminospheres. Use to diffuse the appearance of large pores, wrinkles and uneven pigmentation.”

So you can use this base in so many different ways.

-A cheekbone highlighter
-Mixing it with your moisturiser
-Mixing it with your foundation
-As a base

So I have been using this as my base, it really helps my skin look healthy and alive, my foundation lasts really well throughout the day. But it also works great if I’m going for a no makeup day, to put a tiny amount in my moisturiser just to add a bit of flawless glow.

I find only a small amount of this product is needed, and a little goes a really long way, in making my skin in general look a bit more healthy and glowy.

Soap & Glory Hocus Focus Instant Visual Flaw-Softening Illuminator
Available at Boots


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