Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

This little compact is a total game changer, and a holy grail product for me.


When travelling or trying to save on space, you want a palette that has your base pretty much covered. Which is why maybe 2 years ago, I found this concealer, and I’ve never looked back.

Inside this palette is;
– A setting Powder
– A pink toned concealer
– A green toned concealer

So how do I like to use this product, well once I have applied my BB/CC Cream/Foundation, I like to take this palette.

 I apply the pink toned concealer under my eyes, this helps to cancel out any dark circles, but it also helps to brighten my under eye area. I like to apply this using my ring finger and pat it into the area under my eyes lighting, this works well at also blending out the concealer, I will then go over with a tapered brush and blend out the edges.


Then I move straight onto the green toned concealer, now don’t worry you don’t end up with green patches all over your face. It somehow blends into your skin in a normal skin tone concealer colour.

The great thing about this concealer having a slight green pigment to it, means that if you are using this to cover up any redness or spots, the green counteracts with the red pigmentation in your skin, meaning it cancels out the redness. I tend to apply this using my Real Techniques Setting Brush, and blend it in circular motions in that area.

 I should say, that these concealers have incredible pigmentation. So if you do suffer with dark circles, or redness definitely check out this concealer palette before paying out a lot of money for a high end one. Personally this one beats any high-end concealer for me.

Once my concealer has settled and sunk into my skin under my eyes and on any redness (roughly 2minutes) I then take the translucent powder, and I take this on a clean Real Techniques Setting Brush and lightly buff the powder on top, setting the concealer into place, this really helps make the conceal last throughout the entire day.


I also want to mention that I find it makes no difference whether I wear a primer or not, this concealer lasts all day.

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer

Available at Boots–Kick-Ass-Concealer–Three-Piece-Camouflage-Kit-2-x-2-6g_1243294/


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