St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower – Golden Glow Medium

When the first St Tropez gradual in shower tan came out I tried it, but I didn’t feel it gave much of anything.

So when I found out that they were bringing out a medium shade, I had to try it. Whilst I love to tan, I am not that kind of girl who spends hours fake tanning, truly because I’m lazy. Yes people do say standing out of the shower for 3 minutes is annoying, but it’s a lot quicker than applying a normal fake tan.


This product I still feel as though it is more suited to a paler skin tone, I think if you are a regular tanner you may not like this product, but if you are after a healthy glow with some colour then this is the product for you.

So how do you use this for the best outcome?

– I like to get straight into the shower, and wash my body / hair and then pop on a hair mask. Once my hair mask is on.

– I step out of the shower, and generously apply the product to wet skin in a circular motions – this ensures that I will get an even coverage (a fake tan mitt is not necessary). I then wash the palm of my hands, because I don’t want even the slightest of chances to get orange palms.

– Then its time to wait 3 minutes. Its boring, but I tend to put on a YouTube video on my phone and watch that whilst I am waiting.

 – Once the 3 minutes has ended, I get back in the shower, and rinse off the tan with warm water only and of course wash off my hair mask.

When I get out of the shower, I just gently pat my skin dry. And get dressed. This is when the self-tan starts to activate and gets working on my skin and giving me that gorgeous glow.


I find by the next morning that the tan has developed and I’m left with a gorgeous glow and tan. I like to use this every other day or every three days, which allows time for the tan to not go patchy at all. I like to moisturise of course in between the days of applying the tan to make sure it lasts as long as possible. It does however take about three uses of this fake tan for you too really see a difference of your skin.

But after about two weeks of using this product, I am so happy with the effects. I’m always going to be pale, but this gives a flawless fresh healthy glow and tan to my skin, that isn’t too intense or obvious, it looks incredibly natural.

I love it, and I will definitely be purchasing this fake tan again!

St. Tropez Gradual Tan in Shower Golden Glow Medium
Available at Boots


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