Bridget Jones’s Baby

Who do you think of, when you hear this? 

Big pants, cigarettes, Celine Dionne – all by myself, wine, more wine, and of course two men?? 

 Does Bridget Jones spring to mind?? 


Bridget Jones is all grown up, single yes, but all grown up its even been a while since Jones has had a cigarette.

Bridget has held down a job, in fact she likes her job. Younger friends, partying, and even festivals. But lets be honest, nothing is simple in Bridget’s life. Can Bridget even make it to a festival, wearing the right clothes??

 But there’s a new man in town. Is he even Bridget’s type? I’m not sure. In fact in a previous show this man has been described as ‘Mc Dreamy’. Now if you’re a Grey’s Anatomy fan, you already know whom I’m talking about. If your not, I welcome you to meet Patrick Dempsey. To say he’s dreamy is an understatement. But is he maybe too dreamy for Bridget?


And as Bridget’s best friend Shazzer say’s ‘He has a pretty nice size puppet. I’m going to leave Mc Dreamy at that.

But of course just one man would be too easy for Bridget, Mark Darcy is back, and well Bridget cant work out if they really are meant to be.

It’s been twelve years without having Bridget in our life. I mean even big pants (spanx) are fashionable now, even the celebrities are wearing them. So maybe just maybe. Bridget knew she was on to something. It’s nice to have you back in our life Bridget Jones.

If you fancy an evening out, laughing constantly, then go and see this film! It wont let you down!

Bridget Jones’s Baby
9 Stars


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