Essence Soft & Natural Foundation

Light Coverage Summer Foundation..


In the summer sometimes its nice to not wear a full or even medium coverage foundation. It can however be so difficult to find one that suits your skin tone, doesn’t break you out, light coverage, evens out your skin tone, the list could go on and on.

Essence isn’t a massively well known brand or talked about brand in the UK, I believe its a lot bigger in the USA and in Europe. Essence in the UK can only be found and brought at Wilko’s in England.

The best way to apply this foundation I find is using a beauty blender, by bouncing the foundation into the skin, you then get the most coverage that this foundation can offer you. However if you are looking for a really sheer look, I would recommend using a stippling brush, this will give you that sheer foundation look.

This foundation offers quite a lot, considering its price. It is dermatologically tested, so here are some amazing things this foundation offers you:

– Smoothes out your complexion.
– Natural looking.
– Evens skin tone.
– Covers any impurities and redness.
– All of Essences products are NOT tested on animals.

The downside to this foundation is a couple of things, it doesn’t have an SPF in it, which is annoying, but as long as you wear an SPF as your base, you will be covered and safe in the sun. It also has a terrible colour range, in fact there are only three shades to choose from, realistically this foundation offers Light, Medium & Dark as a shade. When choosing your shade, I would highly recommend swatting the shades, as on the packaging, they look dark, but end up looking a lot lighter on skin.

But as a base over an SPF this foundation is beautiful. It honestly lasts all day, I never need to touch it up. Essence is an incredibly affordable brand, and its definitely one worth looking into.

Essence Soft & Natural Foundation
Available in the UK at Wilko’s


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