Foreo Luna Play

 When I go on holiday and even at home, I love to use a cleansing tool. I find it actually really relaxing spending time on my skin in the evening!

But sometimes I don’t want to take with me a big cleansing brush, so I thought I would try out something a little bit smaller. In fact it’s really small.


So Foreo have created an 8000 T-Sonic technology, which pulsates per minute. They say you can use this to remove makeup, I haven’t tried it, because I think you may be there for a while. This helps to remove 99.5% of dirt and oil, and lets be honest no one needs that on their skin. You can use this twice a day for 1 minute, to instantly help your skin feel healthier, smoother and brighter.


A few other features:

– Ultra travel friendly.
– Gentle nonabrasive silicone touch-points.
– Suitable for all skin types.
– Fully waterproof for use in the bath or shower
– Hypoallergenic.
– Easy to clean and prevents bacteria build-up.

I find that personally this works best if you apply a gel or cream cleanser straight to the cleansing brush. I like to use this as my second cleanse – once my makeup is removed. When I use this my favorite gel wash to use is the Forever Living Aloe Hand & Face Soap. It’s a natural product, which is calming to my skin, but it cleans my skin as well as moisturizing it.


However there is one thing I’m not particularly happy about, and that is that it is not rechargeable. However giving that it is so affordable, and I am only using this when I travel and that its mean to last for a year, that’s ok I guess.

They say you can get up to 100 cleansing routines out of the mini cleanser, so that’s not bad, especially if you are only using this when travelling. (I think if you wanted to use this every day, it may be worth buying something than can be recharged.)

One thing I also didn’t realise is how small this brush is, its tiny, really, really tiny, but I still find that it works really well.

Like I said I like to use this after I have removed my makeup, it really helps to remove any dead skin cells and unclog any pores. I find this works especially well in my T-zone area, because its so small, and at the top has a little point, you can really get into the small areas, like the side of your nose.

 The Luna Play is suitable for all skin types, and it comes in seven different colours.

I just really like the fact that I can take a small cleansing brush with me on holiday, its tidy, it fits in my skincare bag, and I can keep my normal skincare routine going whilst not being at home. Its easy to use, you simply just press the back and you are off.

Foreo Luna Play

Available at Feel Unique, ASOS, Cult Beauty & Look Fantastic


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