Healthy Snacks

Finding healthy snacks can be hard, I mean you want them to taste delicious, but you don’t want the processed rubbish in your snacks.


Deliciously Ella Energy Balls

The packing to begin with is adorable, bright colourful packing, I think makes products and food make look more appealing. There are three flavours to choose from;

– Cacao & Almond
– Ginger & Cashew
– Hazelnut & Rasin

Personally my favourite is the Cacao and Almond, its sweet but not too sweet, it has just the right about of chocolate in it. In fact all of the energy balls have just the right amount of sweetness in them. But they are healthy!!

Each energy ball has hardly any ingredients, which makes it even more so amazing for example, the Cacao & Almond Energy Ball only has these ingredients:

3 Dates, 8 Almonds, 1 TSP Cacao, a Touch of Almond Butter, A Drop of Coconut Oil, and a Pinch of Salt.

So inside you get one energy ball, however it is a large energy ball. All of the energy balls are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free, and vegan!! Honestly these fill you up so much, and for that 4pm slump that we all get, these are a perfect snack for then!

The packaging is completely biodegradable and compostable which is a bonus.

I am already a massive Deliciously Ella fan, I have all of her cookbooks, and I make a lot of her recipes most weeks, so of course I had to get my hands on these! They are amazing!!


Livia’s Kitchen Millionaire Bites

Again, I’m a massive fan of Liva’s Kitchen, in fact she may be considered the queen of vegan deserts, in my eyes.

Liva came out quite a while ago with her three different flavoured millionaire bites. Sadly when I went to buy these, the flavour I really wanted was out of stock, so I picked up Chocolate Orange. But I really wasn’t disappointed. Again there are three different flavours:

– Chocolate Orange
– Almond & Raisin
– Salted Date Caramel

Again these taste amazing!! All of her millionaire bites are Dairy Free, Wheat Free and Gluten Free and of course, vegan. These are a perfect guilt free treat, based of course on the original and classic millionaire shortbread. The oat base, with the gooey date caramel, and the chocolate on top, are simply heaven. There are no preservatives, additives and artificial colourings in these!! Woooo!!

These I would say are the naughty treats, but not so naughty you need to feel guilty at all! These would be perfect for pudding after dinner.

Again the ingredients in these bites, are simply amazing, and there really isn’t much to them. For example in the Chocolate Orange Raw Millionaire Bites the only ingredients are:

Date paste, Gluten free oat flour, organic dark chocolate, coconut sugar, cacao butter, maple syrup, raw coconut oil, orange zest and orange oil.

These bites are bursting with flavour, and every bite tastes incredible. These are definitely something to purchase.


The Energy Balls are now available to buy at; Starbucks, Waitrose, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and at The Mae Deli.

The Raw Millionaire Bites are currently only available at Whole Foods & Planet Organic.

Deliciously Ella Energy Balls £1.99 Each
Livia’s Kitchen Raw Millionaire Bites £5.50 for 200g


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