JoJo Moyes

Just Live

 Are you the type of person who ends up living in your book that you’re reading? You allow the book to capture you, to engulf you. You become invested in the characters, you envision them in your mind, it’s like your living in the book.

Are you the type of person, who will laugh out loud whilst reading a book? Cry into a puddle of tears whilst reading a book?

Are you the type of person who commits yourself to a book?


Me Before You

The book ‘Me Before You’ is the New York Times number 1 best selling novel.

This book is now a film, but read the book before you see the film, it will transform you.

I knew the minute Lou Clark and Will Traynor connected, and became friends, this book was going to touch my soul, and it did.

Lou Clark is a normal girl, she’s got stuck in her comfort zone, she’s happy there. Its comfortable. But Will Traynor, he is someone who lived his life, completely out of his comfort zone, until one day.

One day his life changed.

Will Traynor, see’s Lou Clark, as a bumble bee, somebody who stands out, is quirky, with her fashion sense and her personality. With the help of Will, Lou Clark comes out of her shell, she see’s a future, past her parents, and her comfort zone. But can she get to her future, or will something happen that stops everything.

The book will rip your heart out, over and over again. It will fill your heart with laughter. If you manage to put this book down, its probably not the book for you.

This book – Me Before You, is a story that stuck with me. I fell in love with Will Traynor, his character, his personality.

This book reminded me, that not everything that you see on the outside, is what that person is about, or even what defines them. I truly feel you can only judge a person, once you get to know them, if then you don’t like them, then fine, walk away. But sometimes somebody is beautiful inside, and they fill your heart with life and love. Don’t walk away from that.


After You

‘After You’ is the sequel to ‘Me Before You’. It’s quite a strange book, and in my opionion no where near as good as Me Before You. But if you can make it to the page 200, you’ll fall in love and you won’t look back.

Lou Clark, struggles to find herself, who is she without Will Traynor, whilst yes she’s out of her comfort zone, she’s not comfortable.

When Will Traynor died, I believe something in Lou Clark did as well. She became someone when being with Will.

Lou Clark finds herself sitting in Paris, right where Will Traynor told her to go. She Opens up the letter that she hasn’t touched, until she got to Paris, to this cafe.
If i imagen the situation in my mind, Lou Clark i’m guessing has a lump in her throat, this will be the last time she hears from Will Traynor, sure she will keep the letter, but she will never hear from Will again.

Now Lou Clark must face life. She has a flat, but it’s not her home. She has a job, watching people fly to different destinations, she could easily hop on a plane, but somehow she never manages to do so.

Lou Clark is faced with a turbulent future. She spends her time trying to save a girl. She meets someone, but can she forget about Will, even if just for a weekend?

Can Lou Clark ‘Just Live’??

When people say a book or a series changes you, I never really understood what they meant, till I read ‘Me Before You’ and ‘After You’. In fact only two words really stuck with me. 

‘Just Live’

Life is short as Will Traynor points out, and even his character points out in the book without knowing. One day everything is brilliant and you love your life, the next day, it may not be the same.
So if you focus on just living, then maybe just that, will push you out of your comfort zone, to simply, Just Live.

“You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.”

So as I finish this blog post, I smile and remember how much I adored this book, ‘After You’ along with ‘Me Before You’. They Changed me, and my out look on life.

JoJo Moyes
Me Before You

JoJo Moyes
After You


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