NYX Butter Gloss

 I’ve always wanted to be that girl who loves or even likes lip gloss. But I just cant be. I hate the way your hair sticks to your lips and the gloss. I hate how sticky they are. But most of all, I hate how they lack pigmentation.


Then when NYX landed in my nearest Boots store, I saw this, and I was intrigued.

This product is interesting, it’s a mix between a liquid lipstick and a lip gloss.

It glides onto the lips, with more pigmentation than a standard lip gloss, but less than a liquid lipstick. It apply’s like a liquid lipstick, but looks like a lip gloss.

Each Butter Gloss that I’ve tried smell like cookies and vanilla. I mean the smell is something that you and I would both like to eat. But once the Butter Gloss is applied onto your lips, the smell vanishes in about 1 minute. You are left with a gorgeous tint of colour on the lips, with the added boost of glossy lips.


This gloss also works amazing over lipsticks, if you find the lipstick you love, and then match a Butter Gloss to it, your lips looks amazing, You can choose whether you want to add a creamy sheer coverage to your lips, or you can go in with a bit more product to get that medium coverage.

It melts and works with you lipstick or alone. It is never sticky. It simply just adds to your look, completing your look.

NYX Butter Gloss
Available at Boots


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