Soltan BB Face Cream SPF 50

When the sun appears, you want a product thats going to help your skin, but also protect your skin from the sun rays…

As I was walking through Boots, I spotted this BB cream, this is Boots Soltan BB Face Cream with an SPF of 50!!


This sun protection BB face cream, has a five star rating against, deep down skin damage which is caused by UVA rays, which is amazing.

As always with any sun lotion, it is important to apply this BB cream fifteen minutes, prior to going into the sun, and its also important to reapply this every 1-2 hours.

If you are someone like me, who just needs something on their face, then this is perfect if you are on holiday, your face is protected from the sun, but this BB cream also helps to:

– Even skin tone.
– Illuminate your skin – Not too shiny don’t worry, more of a healthy glow.
– This wont clog your pores.
– Prevents the formation of dark spots. 

I am someone who likes to wear something during the day, personally I find I feel more confident when I do so. This product works for me in that way, all I need then during the day, is to wear this BB cream – It evens out my skin tone, and hides any small blemishes, I also like to use a Brow Mascara, just to set my brows into place. By just using two makeup products, I instantly feel more confident, and happy to go about my day. By only wearing the BB cream on my face, it means I can top it up throughout the day.

But also here is a great tip; If you happen to have a foundation that you love, that doesn’t have a high SPF or it may not even have an SPF, then don’t worry. This BB Cream, also works amazingly well underneath foundations, it acts as a primer, but your skin is going to be protected as you wear your favourite foundation!! 

I find one teaspoon amount is enough to cover your entire face and neck.

So if you are about to go on holiday, and you want something amazing to wear on your face during the day, whilst your in the sun! Then definitely check this product out!!

Boots Soltan BB Face Cream
Available only at Boots


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