The Body Shop Facial Massager

I always thought facial massagers where a bit of a gimmick really. I couldn’t quite see the point to them. They were expensive, did they really do anything?? I didn’t think so.

I was in the body shop and they had a 3for2, and I just though with their face massager at six pounds, I may as well try it.


So I did. It took about a month for me to see or even notice a difference.

This massager has a nodular design, this ensures that you get an in-depth massage, which stops dragging the skin or damaging delicate skin tissue.


Still not convinced?? Keep reading.

There are many different videos to watch on YouTube which show you how to use this, these are some of my favorites:

By gently rolling this massager over the face and neck, backwards and forwards. Across the cheeks, forehead, nose, lips, neck. It helps to lightly massage your skin.

I have really noticed a difference in the way my skin looks and feels. My skin is a lot less dry, and in the past spots used to appear suddenly for no reason. Now if I don’t use this product every evening at night, my skin does end up breaking out. I tend to only use this for about 30seconds ever evening, but that 30seconds, makes a big difference!


So whilst, yes I thought originally this product would be a gimmick, really, my skin is loving this gimmick. Strange right?


The Body Shop Facial Massager
Available at The Body Shop


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