Alexa Chung | The Future Of Fashion

Fashion has been around for a long time, yet only is it now in the last ten years that the fashion industry is now considered a serious job. Yet we still see a fashion job as just a designer, but there are hundreds of different jobs in the fashion industry such as; styling, press, buyer, social media, designing, creative director, sketcher, merchandiser etc.

In the documentary featured on British Vogues YouTube channel, Chung explores many different areas of the fashion industry as well as meeting different people who belong to the fashion industry.

Along with talking about the future of fashion in a more understated way not just based on an image.


 People seem to forget that fashion is about identity, as Chung talks about how fashion is emotional, and of course it is, we base our look each day on how our emotions are. So psychology is involved within fashion, this is an interesting point, that a lot of people seem to skim past. Psychology is involved in every little part of our daily lives, so of course its involved in the way we dress. Again this looks again at fashion being based on an image, we have portrayed that image based on how a item of clothing looks on a model, that’s the image, and that’s how we perceive the item of clothing to look. Which doesn’t help women with their own body image.

A lot of collections have a story, they allow you to have an identity, and express yourself. London especially from the 1960’s with Mary Quant moving onto BIBA the London style and fashion has always been about expressing yourself, and taking risks in fashion, and looking at fashion the people who take the risks are the people who strive.

 People use social media such as instagram to reveal their reality, who they are within fashion and who they are without fashion. Peoples instagram’s really can tell you a lot about their sense of fashion and who they are. Its important to show your personality as Balmain says “I love strong women, I think women don’t need to hide their personality, don’t need to hide their body”. If you believe in yourself and the way you style yourself you will appear strong and confident.

Chung has since done two more documentaries, which explain the fashion world, in more detail. Details that you probably didn’t even know existed in the fashion world. Talking about become a creative director as well as talking about how you may be able to get a job working for Vogue.

If you happen to be interested in fashion, then definitely check out this playlist, where you can watch all of the documentaries that Chung has filmed with Vogue.


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