Benefit Skincare – Mini’s

I love travel mini’s they are perfect for well travelling, and yes that means we can pack 5 more bikini’s than we probably need.

Benefit is a brand that’s been around for ages, I’ve tried their makeup, but not their skincare. So when I saw the It’s Potent Eye cream & Triple Performing Facial Emulsion Moisturiser in the mini section I was intrigued. Each product in the mini section is just five pounds!! Perfect eh?


I already have my firm favourites for eye cream in the evening, but I did have a hole where I needed an eye cream for the morning.

This eye cream helps to fade dark circles, smooth fine lines and brightens up your eyes. Now I love this product, but I do find you need quite a lot of it for it to actually work. Also the packaging stinks! Yup, that’s definitely a down side to this product.

I find you need to dip your ring finger in twice, once for one eye and once for the other eye. The skin around my eyes feel moisturised and the skin around my eyes do look brighter.

But getting the eye cream onto your finger isn’t that easy. Whilst its fine for now, as I haven’t used too much of the eye cream, I can see that its going to be difficult to get the product out when I’m starting to run out. Personally it would be so much easier and practical to use if it was in a squeezy tube!

The other downside to the packaging is that its glass, again its small so good to take travelling, but relatively heavy and not really travel friendly.

Which is a shame, because the actual product is really lovely!

Now again for day moisturiser I don’t care if its winter or summer, I like to have SPF in my moisturiser, that’s me just doing a little bit more for my skin.

I already really like the fact that this moisturizer is light and has an SPF of 15. This moisturizer instaly hydrates my skin without being too heavy. And bonus its oil-free. Which I find in a day moisturiser useful.

But sadly once again, there is the glass packaging, not something that im a fan of. To make it worse, its harder to get this moisturizer out of its packaging that it is to get the eye cream.

This bottle tapers in at the top, meaning to get any product out, you have to tip it upside down and tap the top of it on your had. Again not ideal.

So whilst I recommend these skincare products, the packaging is really disappointing on them. So whilst they are perfect for travelling, honestly I think only for local trips in your country. I will not be taking this product with me abroad, incase the packaging smashes.

Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream Mini Deluxe

Benefit Triple Performing Facial Emulsion Mini

Both Available at Boots


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