Gozo Salt Pans


Theres this place, a place that I go to roughly every two years, but its a place that i’ve been going to since I was five. For my family, its a place they’ve been going since my mum was ten.


This place, is unlike other places. Its a place of pure magic,peace, and friends.

So one place that I haven’t been to in years and years, maybe not even since I was ten, is the Salt Pans.

There is something so peaceful about them. Maybe if you didn’t know they existed in Gozo, you wouldn’t notice them. Which I kind of like. You have to know they are there, to see them.


On the north coast of Gozo west of Marsalforn there is a chequers board of rock cut, salt pans. All you see in front of them is the sea. Nothing else.

But these salt pans stretch along the coast for 3km. These salt pans are three hundred and fifty years old.

The Gozitan tradition of sea salt production has been pasted down within certain families for generations. In the summer months you can still find locals scraping up the crystals of the salt.
Once the salt is collected the salt is stored and processed in caves that have been carved into the coastal rock.


There is something nice about tradition. Whilst countries and people become modernised, its nice to hold onto something that isn’t modern. Of course i’m sure there are places that do this in a more modern way, but its nice to have something different and a bit old school still happen here in Gozo.


Personally for me, this is a place where you can loose yourself in the beauty of simplicity. There really isn’t much surrounding you, except there is quite a lot at the same time. If you look out from the salt pans you see the mediterranean sea, if you turn around, theres a road, but there is also the beautiful rocks surrounding you.


Its a place you can go, to just be.
And in the ever simplicity of Gozo, maybe thats the point.



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