MaskerAide Sheet Masks

With everyone talking about new skincare products, at the moment and it definitely has been for the last couple of months, that sheet masks are the face masks go to products. BUT…. They can be incredibly expensive, intact this is the only brand I have found that had amazing reviews without the product being over priced.

Because at the end of the day you want to use something that works, but you will be taking that product off your face… lets be honest here!!

After finding MaskerAide on Amazon, I started to do a bit more research on the brand before purchasing the masks.
The sheet masks are drenched in an Argan Oil based serum, so already you know that this face mask is going to be incredibly moisturising. If you are worried about trying these face masks because you have sensitive skin, don’t be, these face masks are perfect for all skin types. The smooth fibre surface feels soft against the skin, and honestly it feels heavenly on the skin.


Now of course one of the most amazing benefits of these masks is the price, looking at most sheet face masks you are looking at spending.. £16, for just one mask!! Which in my eyes is insane, sure if you got a tube of that mask you could totally justify it, but for a sheet mask, I just don’t think that I could. All of the MaskerAide Sheet Face Masks are £5 each.. Now that is definitely a price I am wiling to pay.

All of the face masks are completely free of:
– Parabens
– Harsh Dyes & Pigments
– Mineral Oils
– Artifical Fragrances
– Benzophenone
– Glycerins

The face masks are also eco friendly.


When applying the face mask of course I cleansed my skin and removed all of my makeup. When removing the face mask from the packet you can really tell immediately how hydrating this mask is going to be, as it is simply drenched in products (In a nice way..)

Its important to carefully unfold the mask and then simply just apply the mask, it has holes for your eyes, nose and mouth, and simply smooth the mask down. Now you can leave the mask on for either 10minutes or 20minutes, personally I left mine on for 20 minutes, to really get all of the benefits.

I used the Weather Warrior one, which is perfect if you have been in either really hot weather or really cold weather. This mask in particular contains Aloe Vera (very calming), Green Tea (very calming), Witch Hazel (great is you suffer or have any spots), and of course Argan Oil. This masks simply helps to soothe, calm and heal your skin.

Once removing the mask i massaged the residue of the mask into my skin and let it sink in for a minute, then i gently washed my face with my Forever Living Aloe Hand & Face Soap (which is states on the back of the packet you can do – as i didn’t want to leave my skin feeling tacky).


I instantly noticed that my skin looked brighter and vibrant, it really had a natural healthy glow to it, after waking up in the morning my skin was incredibly smooth as well! A week later… and this product hasn’t broken my skin out in the spots (yayayay).

This mask is the ultimate pamper face mask, I would highly recommend it, I will definitely be buying a few more!!

MaskerAide Sheet Face Masks
Available at Amazon / Marks & Spencer’s

To see the mask in use, check out my Pamper Routine:


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