Ted Baker Pink Mini Body Spray

I feel like body sprays are something we used to use when we were like 13-17. They were the product that every teen girl carried with them in their bag. But once we all hit the age of 18, its almost like we just moved onto perfumes. Which is fine.

But whilst i was busy buying miniature products to take with me on holiday, I came across this mini body spray in Boots.


Now normally I am not a massive fan of the scents that Ted Baker do, but this one. This one is perfect.

I brought this, and honestly this is the only scent i’ve been wearing recently.

This Ted Baker Body Spray has some incredible notes within it. Its a subtle floral scent – which personally is one of my favourite type of scents.
With notes of grapefruit, mandarin and mango, it is also scented subtly with notes of neroli,jasmine as well as patchouli, sandalwood and musk.

This truly is a perfect everyday scent, in fact, it reminds me of Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb. Now if you’ve ever smelt that perfume, then you know the kind of scent I’m talking about. Rich but floral. Sweet yet not too sweet. Intense without going to crazy.

Both the Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb, and this Ted Baker Body Spray last. Have you ever brought a body spray or a perfume, and like five minutes later the scent has gone? Its annoying right!!?

These scents stay, and the hold the scent together where you spray the bottle.

The bottle I also want to say is not your normal type for a body spray. And whilst the packaging is plastic, it looks like glass. Its quite a heavy type of plastic too. So it doesn’t have that cheap look to it, which for a body spray, is rather nice,

Ted Baker Pink Mini Body Spray
Available at Boots


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