The White Horse


I think if I had to choose that this would be my favourite pub, in England. Whilst it isn’t your traditional pub, it’s a special place, where people remember you, the views are incredible, and as you walk in, you get this feeling that this is a nice place, it’s a warm place.


In North Norfolk, The White Horse is set in Brancaster Staithe, looking across the beautiful salt marshes. The big blue sky’s that surround this pub and hotel is incredible, if you are lucky you may even get to catch an incredible sunset, and they do happen!! You can even head to the salt marshes and do a costal walk along there.



I think I’ve been going to this pub for about eight years, which is a long time. I find that if I don’t get to make it to The White Horse, on my holiday in Norfolk, then I haven’t really completed my holiday. ( I tend to go to this area of Norfolk at least three times a year.)

This pub is super friendly, you can walk in, in your sandy outfit from the beach, or you can dress up. They also are dog friendly!! Personally I tend to eat in the bar, but they do have a restaurant (this is where you dress up a bit). Both the bar and restaurant have been decorated beautifully, and just because your sitting in the bar, it is still absolutely beautiful, their interior designer has done an amazing job, making everything look unique and original just like the pub.


In the bar one of my favourite features is a wall, this wall has been covered in old black and white photos from fishing men, to sailing boats,and more, all dating back from years and years ago. You get The White Horse, when you see this, the connection they make to all those years ago, the friendliness that invites you into the pub and the happiness that so many people have enjoyed at this pub, including myself on many, many occasions, and of course to the people who just discover this place or the people who continue to make amazing memories here.


Now for the food, Lets be honest if your going to a pub you want food. Whilst yes you can find a few classic pub like meals here, such as steak, a homemade burger (its amazing!!), and fish and chips, you can also expect to find an amazing array of delicious unique dishes.


From fresh fish, to salads, to pasta dishes, to steak, and even a bit of tapas. This pub has it all, with their amazing homemade burgers and their perfectly cooked steak, to their unique salads and their delicious pasta dishes, there truly is something for everyone here.


I feel its fair of me to also say, that whilst you don’t necessarily pay typical pub prices, each meal is priced correctly, the chiefs here, work hard and produce incredibly beautifully, and dare I say it, instagram worthy food and meals.


Another amazing plus to this pub is that it also happens to be a hotel. Just so your aware this is quite pricey. I have stayed there once myself. They offer fifteen en-suite bedrooms, which are designed in a contemporary theme with seascape colours in mind. (Brancaster Beach is only a 10 minute drive away at the most). In the main building you will find seven en suite rooms including one room right at the top of the building which has split level facilities. However there are eight ground floor rooms outside, with a natural green grass roof, which blends in beautifully with the rest of the scenery. These are the rooms that the dogs are allowed in.


If you happen to be around the North Norfolk area, or in Wells, Holt and of course Brancaster Staithe, take a trip to this pub, you wont be disappointed, you never know it may end up being your favourite pub too.

The White Horse

North Norfolk, Brancaster Staithe

The Good Hotel Guide 2016 Editor’s Choice CESAR AWARD
AA *** Hotel rated 84%


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