Tanya Burr Cosmetics – Lipstick

Do I really need another lipstick? My collection says No. My mind says, Yes!


That’s how we got here, to this blog post.

I have tried Tanya Burr Cosmetics in the past, and loved them. But they are now so popular that they are hard to get hold of! I also really like to support other bloggers and youtubers, I mean it must be amazing having your own makeup range!!


Great for my bank account, not great for my job.

So when I heard Tanya Burr was bringing out lipsticks, I was happy. As I have previously said, I’m not really a lip gloss girl. However lipstick? Im definitely that girl.

With seven lipstick colours to choose from, theres a colour for everyone.

I of course, went for a classic favourite colour of mine, a pink nude lipstick. I just think you cant go wrong with that kind of colour. It works with every makeup look and outfit.


These lipsticks are richly pigmented, and give a silky smooth finish. They are enriched with Vitamin E. Which is perfect for this time of year as its getting cold, these lipsticks will certainly help keep our lips nourished.


The packaging is also, beautiful. I mean its so affordable at £6.99, but the packaging feels expensive and luxury. Something which always makes me happy.

So how does the product actually work on my lips, does it have good pigmentation? Longevity? Does it reapply nicely?

The pigmentation is beautiful in this lipstick, it glides easily onto the lips. But the down side is the longevity. It just doesn’t last. It lasted about 2 hours on my lips, before I needed to reapply. Now this isn’t the end of the world, as it’s a nude lipstick. But If i’m wearing a red lipstick or something else a bit more bold, then I want my lipstick to last longer. Which other drugstore lipsticks do. So that’s a shame.

It also started to a bit bumpy and bunchy on the sides of my mouth, again you can fix this but its not ideal.

However, this lipstick was easy to reapply and I didn’t need to take it all off and start again. But I just thought that maybe, it should of lasted longer.

And a positive note, this lipstick hydrates my lips. With the added Vitamin E, you really can feel a difference.


I am still happy with my purchase. It’s a beautiful colour, and its probably the lipstick I will keep in my handbag, incase I need to quickly apply some lipstick!

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Lipstick = Pink Cocoa

Available at Superdrug & Feelunique

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