NYX Dark Circle Concealer


Most days if i’m wearing makeup I will use a colour corrector under my foundation. Personally I find it makes a difference.

Now whilst I don’t have severe dark circles under my eyes, I do get very dark in the inner corner of my eyes. Almost a blue tone showing through. Now this is fine, in fact its quite normal. But for me, I like to brighten up that area, it then makes my eyes look more awake, but it also helps my eyes to look a bit brighter.


Years ago when I started out my career as a makeup artist, I came across NYX. Now whilst yes you can now buy NYX in Boots in the UK. At the time when I started my career, you could either buy it online or at Professional Beauty at London Excel.

NYX is a very affordable brand, but also it is a really good brand too.


The NYX Dark Circle Concealer is available in four colours, ranging from fair to dark skin tones.

This product glides onto the skin, personally I like to apply it with my ring finger, as the heat from my finger helps to blend out this corrector. It doesn’t look think or cakey on the skin, it also doesn’t look to obvious either!

This concealer also has a slight hint of peach and orange to this. This is when colour correcting comes in to play, the hint of peach and orange helps to counteract the appearance of dark circles.


If you happen to suffer with dark under eye circles or dark patches around your eyes, try applying this after your foundation or before if you are going for am more natural look, then you will see the difference it makes.

NYX Dark Circle Concealer
Available at Boots



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