Gozo & Reneta Jewel

Walking down the streets of Victoria in the centre of Gozo, you never know what you may find.


As I walked down through the streets, I came across a jewellery shop. Now I’ve been coming to Gozo for many many years, but this shop, this is a new shop.


Walking into Reneta Jewel, I am instantly drawn to the unique aspects of the jewellery. Its different to anything else I have ever seen.


Each piece of jewellery is hand crafted by Reneta. Reneta is an amazing jewellery designer, creating bespoke earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces. Every piece is unique in its own way, and there is only one of each item.

Reneta, has a small shop in the centre of Victoria in Gozo. Her jewellery is made from old copper wire, as well as old electrical copper wire. Now at first glance her items are beautiful, but when you look at them up close, you can see the amount of work each item has taken her.


Some of the jewellery is made just from copper wire, other jewellery items have stones and beads attached to the jewellery.


I have never really seen much copper jewellery. Whilst you get the copper bracelets, you don’t see much copper jewellery else where. The copper reach makes each item pop, making it stand out a little bit more than what you would expect, the copper just stands out on so many difference coloured backgrounds, whether your wearing a bright blue dress or a dark green dress. This jewellery is sure to make a statement.



So copper is actually known for its healing properties, it can act an anti-inflammatory to the body, copper from a bracelet or a rings can be absorbed into the body, this can help ease the pain of joint pain, as well as arthritic pain. Copper is also known for helping ease headaches.


Normally you just don’t see copper jewellery, sure you get the odd bracelet, but to wear an item of jewellery that’s beautiful but can also help you, that’s really amazing.


I have completely fallen in love with Reneta Jewel. Reneta produces the most beautiful jewellery items that I have seen in a long long time jewellery that I am proud to wear, and know that no one else will ever have an identical piece of jewellery that I wear.



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