Soap & Glory The Fab Pore


 I like finding new products that help me with blemishes. When I was a teenager, I wish I knew more about all of these products, but I didn’t. Whilst my skin isn’t that bad anymore, every now and then I break out big time, I like to use products now that help my skin, and treat my skin.

Already being a fan of Soap & Glory, means that when I use their products, I am more likely to like them.

Within their skincare range, they have sections for different skin types. Certain products are designed to suit and help different skin types.

So for when you are in need of a little bit or quite a big bit of spot treatment, when looking at Soap & Glory you need to check out ‘The Fab Pore’ range.

This moisturiser is a micro-smoothing lotion, which helps to slow sebum secretion and reduce oily spots.

The moisturiser helps to minimise the appearance of large spots. It also helps to boost the levels of moisture though. Even though my skin is combination, I tend to be oily through my T-Zone and dry on my cheeks. Just because my skin is oily doesn’t mean I shouldn’t moisturise it, or use oils. In society we have created the fact that if you have oily skin, you shouldn’t use a moisturiser or an oil, that is simply not the case. Ignore. Ignore that.

If I don’t moisturise my skin, my skin then becomes dehydrated. Which ends up making my skin look dull. So this moisturiser helps to hydrate my skin, but also tackle any areas that have spots in.

A moisturiser however cant do it all, having good skin comes down to three things:

Eating well. Remember eating well can help what happens inside your body, but it also has an effect of what shows on the outside of your body. If you eat junk food, you are more likely to get spots. If you eat healthy, you are more likely to not get spots. However of course even if you do eat healthy, sometimes your skin just breaks out, and it has you screaming at your skin in the mirror.

Drinking water, water gives your body and your skin hydration. I know people talk about it all the time, but it really does help. Get yourself a litre bottle of water, and try and drink that entire litre throughout the day.

Finally the last thing you need to help you get good skin, is a good skincare routine. Use products that work for your skin. Remove your makeup everyday at the end of the day, and moisturise. Even if your skincare routine is; cleanse skin (remove makeup), wash face, apply eye cream and moisturise. I promise you will see a difference in the appearance and the texture of your skin.

Some of the main ingredients in this moisturiser are:
Salicyclic Acid (Amazing for spot treatment)
Vitamin B6
Junos Fruit Extract (Energising, toning and brightening)

When you first see this moisturiser it comes out in a tinted mint green colour. Strange, but it works.

I really noticed a difference in my skin since using this. I tend however to only use this moisturiser when I need it. If my skin is breaking out, then this is all I use. But if my skin is ok, I find that I don’t need to use it.

However I notice a difference in my skin, my spots have calmed down by the morning, and over a weeks process of using this product, my spots are reduced.

I also have a similar blog post that I’ve done, on another blemish moisturiser, if you want to check it out, click here:

Soap & Glory The Fab Pore moisturiser

Available at Boots


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