Milani Everyday Eyes Eyeshadow Collection

Every autumn, I find myself searching for a new palette, that I will end up using the rest of the winter. Since becoming a beauty blogger, I have always wanted to try the brands and products that you get in America, such as; Milani, Wet & Wild, Cover Girl etc, but you just cant buy them in the UK sadly.

Until, Beauty Bay started selling Milani.


With four palettes to choose from in the collection you can reach for bright eye shadows, to smokey grey shadows to pinky toned eye shadow palette.

I went for the palette called Earthy Elements.

This palette comes with two matte shades, a brick red shade and the most perfect crease transition shade which is a soft warm brown.

The rest of the shadows are shimmer.


It is so easy to work with this palette, there is hardly any fall out at all, and all of the shadows have a buttery texture.

The shadows are also richly pigmented.


If you are someone who struggles as to where to put certain shadows, the back of the palettes, shows you with photos how to, and where to, apply the shadows.

To me this palette screams autumn. It is completely and utterly beautiful. With the warm tones, and the red, it is simply dreamy.


Having used this palette now for over a month, I cant explain my love for it.
This palette, may make me purchase more from Milani in the future, in fact it probably will make me purchase more in the future.

So jump up and dive into the most glorious autumnal eye shadow palette.

Milani Eyeshadow Palette
Available at BeautyBay




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