Boots Ingredients Sheet Face Mask

I love sheet face masks. I think they are the perfect product to really have a pamper routine with at home. So when I saw that Boots have brought out their own sheet face masks. I brought two. (just like any normal beauty addict would do.)

I picked up two face masks, the Charcoal & Willow Bark Cleansing and Purifying face mask, and the, Rooibos Energising and Revitalising face mask.

They do have five sheet face masks in this range, there is definitely a mask for every skin type and concern.
They have:
– Hydrating & Nourishing
– Cleansing & Purifying
– Luminous Youth
– Radiance & Brightening
– Energising & Revitalising.

The price for one face mask is £2.50.


So the first mask that I tried was the Charcoal & Willow Bark. My skin was definitely in needs of a deep cleanse and to draw anything out of it.

When I first applied the mask, something that I noticed first was how thin the sheet mask is. I cant even say its due to the price, because i’ve tried other ones that are cheaper or are five pounds. But the actual sheet mask was quite thin, which made it a bit more tricky to unfold the mask, as I didn’t want to break out.

However once the mask was on, it started to feel a bit tingly, i’m guessing thats the Willow Bark??? I could be wrong. But it stayed tingly on my skin for about ten minutes. It wasn’t uncomfortable or painful at all. But I did find that the last five minutes of wearing the mask, to be a bit more relaxing.


Once I removed the mask, I noticed that my skin was looking a bit brighter. I ended up massaging in the remainder of the serum from the mask, and then just applied a moisturiser on top and left my evening skincare routine there.

The next day I also noticed that my skin did look a bit clearer and more radiant.
It did bring out one giant spot, bur realistically I thought it would, as its that type of a face mask. But I probably wouldn’t use this face mask weekly, maybe once or twice a month at the most, just because I don’t want to walk around each week with a giant spot on my face.


I did really enjoy this face mask, would I repurchase? Im not sure, I think there are better sheet face masks out there, with better quality, some are cheaper and some are the same price.

Let me know, have you tried out this face mask? Did you like it? Are there any face masks you would like me to try and review? Let me know in the comments.


Boots Ingredients Sheet Face Mask
Available at Boots Only|#container



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