Blogmas Day 2 – Secret Santa

Ah, secret santa gifts. I do love these, I think it’s a perfect thing to do with a group of friends, or at work. You don’t need to spend too much, to get something nice. So today I am going to share with you, six presents all under ten pounds that I think are really nice gifts.


For the girls

Starting off with something at the ten pound mark exactly, a Clarins Holiday Treat. Now if you know the person your buying a gift for, and you know that person loves skincare and makeup, then this is a great place to start at.

This features two Clarins products, a moisturiser and a lip oil. Lets not forget that Clarins is a high-end skincare range, so if I received this, id be very happy.

Inside this little package you get the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch moisturiser, which adds a veil over wrinkles and fine lines. But it also helps to create a flawless complexion.

You also get the Clarins Instant Lip Comfort Oil, this is a rich plant based active lip oil. It leaves your lips looking shiny but not sticky, and it helps to moisturise your lips. Perfect if you are heading under the mistletoe anytime soon

A little bit of glitz never hurts us. Why not treat your friend to some sparkling earrings. Earrings are a great present to buy, and it really looks as though you’ve put a lot of thought into the present. You could even write on the tag, ‘I think these would go perfect with your new dress’. As a little touch.

Personally I love the look of these earrings from Topshop, at eight pounds they are really affordable, they are simple but sparkly, I mean who wouldn’t want to wear these gorgeous earrings?

Now this present is perfect if you know who the person is that you got for Secret Santa. Personally I love receiving cooking books, strange yes, but everyone cooks so why not get them a book?

There has been so much going on recently about healthy eating, plant based eating, vegan eating etc, and I personally am a total sucker for it, even my best friend is getting into it. So if you buy one cookbook this year for a friend, buy the Eat Smart by Niomi Smart. Featuring, breakfast, lunches, dinners and sweet treats, you are sure to find a recipe in here that you fall in love, and you may be lucky, maybe that friend will cook for you one evening? This cookbook comes in nine pounds fifty.


For the boys

Socks. I think if you think of men’s Christmas presents, socks end up just popping straight into my head. Also men are difficult to buy for, well I think they are anyway. So I found these really cute funny socks from Fat Face which I think is pretty good, I also am one of those people who wear Christmas socks all year round, is that weird?

These socks are blue with a navy stripes, with a polar bear wearing a Christmas hat. Cute, funny, and useful. At six pounds, I think it’s a good buy!

Now this next present, could be a total hit or miss. I think you may have to know the person well to know if they would use a skincare product. But some men, and yes I do know some, they like to take care of their skin, is that a bad thing? No. Not in my eyes anyway. The No7 Men The Daily Duo includes, a hair and body wash, as well as an energising face wash. Basically what we are saying, is that your man or your friend, only needs five minutes in the shower with this duo!

This comes in at ten pounds, so its right at the top, but I think whether men admit it or not, they do care about how they look. So this one is a great gift.

I have seen so many of these around. Immerse yourself into virtual reality. I think women or gamers in general may like this gift. These are compatible with iphone 5’s and above. Turn a game or a video into reality, and its like your really there. I’m not going to lie, I’m not really into gadget items such as this, but if your stuck on a present for a guy, I would buy this!

This comes in at exactly ten pounds. I think that’s a good price too, in fact I’m shocked it so cheap.


I have also done a christmas gift guide for the beauty lover in your life on my youtube channel. The most expensive gift is £12.99, so its affordable for everyone!



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