Blogmas Day 3

Eating all the mince pies

I love mince pies. I spent years hating them, and then one day at my local pubs Christmas carols (basically you have a few drinks with your mates and sing along), I was offered a mince pie, it looked good, so I ate it. And I loved it. However I know mince pies aren’t healthy for you at all. In fact, I think it may be better to make them, at least you know whats going in them that way! But on the weekends leading up to christmas, its ok to have a cheeky mince pie!

So I thought id share with you today which supermarket sells the best mince pies. I used to think you couldn’t go too wrong with a mince pie, but yes some do taste better than others!


So my favourite ones are from Waitrose, they are the 6 Short Crust All Butter Mince Pies, and they taste amazing!! I especially like them warmed up in the over for a few minutes.


Also Tesco’s Finest are pretty good too, in fact they seem to be really stuffed with mince meat, which is never a bad thing!


However if you struggle with mince pies due to being gluten free, vegan, wheat free, sugar free etc. Then I would recommend buying some vegan mince meat filler and making your own mince pies. My favourite vegan mince meat filling is from Meridian, you can pick this up in Holland & Barrett, as well as Whole Foods and Planet Organic. This mince meat is dairy free, organic, vegan, wheat free and gluten free. On day 20, I will be sharing with you how to make some mince pies!!

A great recipe for mince pies, the healthy way is the Deliciously Ella Mince Pie Recipe. Everything is made from scratch! So this way you just don’t have to miss out on the christmas treats at all. You never known, your healthier ones may end up tasting better!

Do you like mince pies? Have you found a healthy alternative? If so let me know in the comments.

See you tomorrow on day 4, for Blogmas. X

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