Blogmas Day 4

 Gift ideas for him

Today I thought I would share with you my top four Christmas picks for him. Now I am not setting a budget on this, but I am also not going to include anything that I wouldn’t be willing to purchase.

Men for some reason are tricky, I mean if they are into a sport, how many sport shirts do you end up buying them? Food… it could work, but you would end up wanting to eat it with them, which then defeats the purpose of a Christmas present.

Shirts, I love a man in a shirt. I just think they are a perfect present and look for a man. This one however is a little bit jazzy with the print, but its not too in your face or crazy. So this is a lightweight, slim fit, jazzy printed shirt. I picked a navy blue, because I think it works in the Christmas season, but also all year round. It has a chest pocket, and its 100% cotton and machine washable.

I think you just cant go wrong with this shirt. The person who receives this can either dress this shirt up with some smart chinos and a pair of brogues. Or you could wear this shirt with some nice jeans and a pair of suede boots.

This shirt comes in at £42.00, which for a good shirt I think is a good price.

Every year I can always think of one guy who is really into his fitness. Now this can get tricky, what type of fitness. But if you know this guy is a runner, get him some running gloves and a hat, if they play rugby I’m sure a new pair of rugby boots wouldn’t go a miss. But I thought for now within this little section of this post, I thought I would share with you my top two sport gifts.

The first one is £20 and it’s an accessories set with running gloves and a hat. They are black with a fluorescent yellow, so you know at least they are going to be seen if they run early in the morning or in the evening when its dark. Both the hat and the gloves are made from a soft thermal regulate fabric, which regulates the body temperature as you run, it also feature mesh panels for ventilation.


Headphones, if the man you are buying a gift for loves the gym, then I guarantee he will love a pair of wireless headphones. As a gym goer myself, I would love someone to buy these, even though I’m not a man. So how the headphones end up connecting to your music is via Bluetooth, so as long as they are using an Iphone or any smart phone really, they can upload their music onto it, and workout at the gym wire free. These headphones are also compatible just by using wifi, bonus. They come in three colours – Grey, black and blue. They also have up to thirty hours of continuous music, which is amazing. These headphones are a bit more pricey sitting at £59.95. But I think they are worth it.

Finally my favourite gift comes in at £85, a Retro Turntable. Now these came back into fashion about two years ago I believe. But I still think that these really are still in fashion, and they are the perfect gift for any music lover.

This turntable, has a belt driven turntable, its plays at three speeds and it’s a portable turntable. So pick up your favourite band on a vinyl record and get ready to boogie!

So I hope for all of you girls, or even guys that this post was helpful, and has helped you go in the right direction for getting any gifts, for the men in our lives!

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