Blogmas Day 7


Winter Skincare Tips

Looking after my skin in winter can be a challenge. Sometimes my skin is oily, but most of the time it is dehydrated or dry. So I thought I would share with you the products that I reach for. I have been trying really hard over the last six months to use more natural products. A, because I think its better if you don’t overload your skin with chemicals, but also because my skin reacts better to the products that way! If you are interested in purchasing any of the products, just click on the photo, and it will take you to where you can buy the products!

I have done a video on my youtube channel about what I normally use on my skin in the winter time in the evening:

I always like to use an eye cream. No matter what my skin is doing, I like to keep the skin around my eyes hydrated. In the winter I especially like to use a really hydrating eye cream.


In the winter if my skin is acting out, I tend to skip the serum and reach straight for the face oil. Whether that’s a pure vitamin E face oil, or a Rosehip oil. Both types really hydrate my skin, it helps to balance my skin out, reduce any redness, and to help any dry patches calm down.


I then reach for a gel. In fact it is a completely natural gel. Aloe Vera Gel. Sometimes all my skin needs is a bit of TLC, and this instantly gives that to my skin. It dries down so quick, so its not sticky over night. But it helps to hydrate my skin, calm down any spots and in general calm my skin on my face down.


The last product I reach for is the Trilogy Everything Balm. Now when I say Everything Balm, I mean it.

I use this on my eyelashes, my eye brows, my lips, my nail cuticles. It is instantly hydrating to those areas, and makes those areas less brittle (my eyelashes & eyebrows), but it helps to hydrate different areas as well.


I really hope you found this post useful. Are there any products that you reach for in the winter? If so, I would love to hear from you, let me know in the comments!

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