Blogmas Day 8

Christmas Gifts For Her

So today I wanted to share with you a range of gifts that are perfect for the girls in your life!

Lush, most women I know love baths. In fact I can only think of one person who doesn’t like baths. So Lush is definitely the best place to start. With the different seasons and holidays they bring out ‘seasonal bath products’.

Some of my favourite bath bombs are: The Christmas Penguin, Northern Lights, Shoot For The Stars and the Butter Bear

For bubble bars I love; The Magic Of Christmas, Peeping Santa.

Bubble Bars start off at £3.95, and Bath Bombs start off at £3.95

However you can buy ready made gifts, so guys if your listening this is what you need to buy.
Snow Fairy; this includes: two bubble bars, one bath bomb, shower gel and a soap and dusting powder, however it does work out a bit more pricey doing it this way. As this set comes in at £32.95, however it is all vegan.
Personally if I were you, I would buy someone one bubble bar, one bath bomb and one other thing that takes your fancy in Lush.


Nails Inc Prosecco Is Always The Answer Gift Set. If the person you are buying for loves makeup and nail polish, you need to buy them this. Nails Inc have created a beautiful gift set including two nail polishes one nude and one glitter and a really cool makeup bag. This comes in at £20.00 for Nails Inc that’s good.

Now if your buying a gift for a makeup lover, you will win on this present. This person is currently the queen of lipsticks. Its Charlotte Tilbury. Last year she created a mini lipstick gift, and it was amazing. Ms Tilbury has only gone and done it again. This year the trio of lipsticks will be matte. You get a deep red, a pink shade and a nude shade. In fact these are possibly all you need to be a lipstick queen. I would hurry on these though, as they will sell out fast. This trio of lipsticks gift set comes in at £24.65

Now this last gift is a bit more extravagant that my last gifts. If you really want to treat someone, a designer purse, is always a great place to start. I have picked this beautiful purse from Mulberry. Now I know there are thousands of incredible designers out there, but this purse, is beautiful. This purse comes in at £295. I know it’s a crazy price. This classic wallet, it has a flap over popper closure. The purse has a texture to the leather, which means it wont mark, as easily which is a good thing. This purse can hold coins, cards and notes. It’s extravagant, but beautiful.,default,pd.html


I really hope you all enjoyed this blog post, let me know if you are thinking about getting any of these gifts for people, and what you think of them.

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